Speeding fines ‘zero’ by police on 20mph roads

Lever House Lane, Farington, a 20mph zone
Lever House Lane, Farington, a 20mph zone
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A Leyland councillor says he is ‘astonished’ at a police speeding fine ‘zero’.

Councillor Paul Wharton is furious that police have failed to punish any speeding motorist - not only in South Ribble, but the whole of Lancashire - in 20mph zones

He said: “I submitted the FOI after receiving numerous complains regarding speeding in 20mph zone in my own ward, and wanted to compare the figures on enforcement to the wider Lancashire.

“The implementation of the 20mph zones in Lancashire cost millions of pounds of tax payers money, and it’s shocking to hear not a single fixed penalty notice has been issued.”

Councillor Wharton, who represents Farington East ward on South Ribble Council, asked Lancashire Police last month for the number of endorsable penalties issued for speeding in 20mph zones, in South Ribble and Lancashire for the years (Jan-Dec) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 upto present date.

The reply came back that there had been “zero issued”.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “The areas where the 20mph zones were introduced by the council are all areas that should have the look and feel of a 20mph zone, thus gaining compliance by users, and are in the main in the residential areas of Lancashire. Fortunately only a minority of collisions in Lancashire actually happen within these 20mph zones.

“As a force we are not complacent when it comes to tackling issues around road safety and we continue to work in partnership with the council and with our residents to identify those areas where they feel road safety is an issue.

“In light of changes in demand and austerity measures, we take a targeted approach to policing our roads and focus on areas where the most casualties are recorded.

“Engagement and education is key to ensuring that the public fully understand our work in this area and so that motorists are aware of the dangers around the ‘Fatal 4’ that persist in causing death and serious injury. These are drink driving, speeding, seat belt wearing and mobile phone use.

“Where engagement and education does not work, then we can and will prosecute, but our ultimate aim is to keep everyone using the roads in Lancashire safe and to deal with incidents proportionately.

“We continue to run schemes like Schools Road Watch and Community Road Watch and work alongside the council to place speed indicator signs in any 20mph zones where further activity is required. We also work with the council to look at engineering options and traffic calming measures to gain habitual compliance in 20mph zones which we find become self-enforcing.

“We also run campaigns focusing on road safety in specific areas such as Mike’s Last Ride, warning motorists not to drive tired and we have worked alongside the council, LFRS and NWAS to deliver the Wasted Lives programme, which focuses on the tragic deaths of young people on the roads to educate people about road safety. “Officers work closely with partners including the council and communities to look at how we can better educate each other around road safety.”