Speeding motorists prompt crash fears

Photo Neil Cross'Broadfield Drive, Leyland
Photo Neil Cross'Broadfield Drive, Leyland
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A call for urgent road safety measures has been made in Leyland where it is feared a tragic accident is just waiting to happen.

Speeding motorists have come under fire from locals in and around the Broadfield Drive area of town.

The community has been urged to get involved with a speedwatch group to help solve the problem.

Local people took to social media to express their fears about the route.

Damian John Croft used the Leyland Hub Facebook page to make his feelings known.

He called for a community speed watch group to be set up and said: “Broadfield Drive is not a race track it has a max speed of 30mph, so why is it cars fly past my house at crazy speeds.”

Lesley Filaitis commented: “I’m on Broadfield Drive, it’s ridiculous. I’m surprised no one has been killed.”

And Claire Rimmer said: “I’ve witnessed one of the fatal accidents on Broadfield Drive, people really need to drive down there with care.”

Ward councillor Matthew Tomlinson said: “Anybody who knows Broadfield Drive knows what a big wide but undulating road it is, yet for some reason a few drivers seem to think driving above the speed limit is acceptable.

“There’s already a school crossing patrol.

“I will be talking to the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership to see what else can be done to deter these idiots.

“I’m not aware of any reportable accidents happening but it is a big wide straight road and there are a couple of schools nearby, so I can see people’s concerns.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We carried out a speed survey on Broadfield Drive in March 2015 in response to concerns which had been raised about speeding.

“After considering the results, we sited a speed indicator on Broadfield Drive devices in the months following to make drivers aware of their speed and remind them of the speed limit. We are not aware of any further concerns being raised recently, and would ask people to contact us with details of where they have seen people speeding so that we can consider whether any further action may be needed.”

Sergeant Tony Burgess, of the Leyland Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “In response to community concerns of speeding in the Leyland area, Leyland Police in partnership with Community Road Watch have and continue to carry out targeted operations designed specifically to tackle speeding and anti-social driving.

“This has resulted in action being taken against over 240 drivers in Leyland since January 2017.

“Should anyone from the community wish to get involved in future partnership work please contact The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership.”