Thief clears out restaurant and pedals away on a bicycle

Tiggi's Express Restaurant, Buckshaw Village
Tiggi's Express Restaurant, Buckshaw Village
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A furious restaurant owner has spoken of the moment staff discovered a thief had cleared out a walk in fridge of £600 of stock.

David Bungay helped himself to prime cuts of fillet, sirloin steak, salmon and parmesan cheese from Tiggis Express in Wallis Way, Buckshaw Village, before pedaling away on a bike.

Customers who arrived on the evening of Sunday August 2 night had to be turned down for certain dishes.

But the thief was spotted on CCTV snooping at the restaurant while his hood was down, showing his face, before he returned to carry out the theft. He was identified by police.

Today owner, Robert Hough, 52, said it could take months for the small business to recover the loss.

He said: “ He is a despicable opportunist thief.

“The police were on to him straight away because he foolishly came with his hood down to have a look before stealing the food.

“He took high end products like sirloin and fillets - he basically had a free for all. It is difficult for a small business when such a large amount goes missing.

We had to refuse customers because it was on a Sunday and we couldn’t get a delivery. The chef rang me and said: ‘You better come, it’s serious.’

Preston magistrates heard Bungay scaled a gate and gained access by undoing a lock. Security has been toughened up since

The 36-year-old, of no fixed abode, admitted theft and breaching a discharge for stealing a police charity box.

Jailing him for 18 weeks, the bench said he had a “flagrant disregard for court orders” and an appalling record.

He must pay an £80 victim surcharge and £180 court charge.