Criticised school insists it’s already making progress

Woodlea Junior School in Leyland
Woodlea Junior School in Leyland
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Another primary school in Leyland has been told it needs to make improvements by Ofsted.

Although not placed into special measures, Woodlea Junior School has been warned improvements are required in the achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching and the leadership and management of the school.

The behaviour and safety of pupils is ‘good’, according to the education watchdog.

The last time the school was inspected in February 2012, it was deemed ‘satisfactory’, but this classification no longer exists, and has been replaced by the ‘requires improvement’ judgment.

But the report for the latest inspection, just published, does recognise that progress is already being made.

It says: “Since she took up appointment, the headteacher has worked effectively to drive forward improvements.

“She is clear how good the school can be.

“Together with senior leaders she has ensured that there is no longer any inadequate teaching, and so pupils’ progress is getting better.

“The changes introduced mean that the school has a secure capacity to improve further.”

It added that pupils’ attendance has improved and is above average.

Headteacher Vicki Conway said: “I’ve been in post for just over a year, and the report does say that there hasn’t been enough time to show the outcomes of the changes we’re making.

“We’ve really been given the same grading as last time, so standards haven’t declined, but all of the elements identified in the report are things which the school was already aware of, and we had started making improvements in those areas.

“We’ve done this through training and working with the local authority, so I’m confident we will be able to show the affects of these improvements at the next inspection.”

Chair of governors, Coun Fred Heyworth added: “It’s like building blocks; the blocks are there now, and we’re building on them.

“We’re moving forward, and while the report could have been better, there is a lot in there to be optimistic about.”