Customers are evacuated after restaurant fire

Incident: There was a fire at Isolabella's on Hough Lane over the weekend
Incident: There was a fire at Isolabella's on Hough Lane over the weekend

A fire broke out in a restaurant kitchen while diners enjoyed their evening meals.

Customers had to be evacuated and smoke could been seen billowing out of the Isolabella Italian on Hough Lane, Leyland, on Sunday night.

Two fire crews from Leyland and Bamber Bridge were called to the scene at around 8pm.

The blaze started in an oven and grill inside the kitchen, which is located just behind the bar and restaurant area.

Mahmmod Faisal, who owns Faz’s Kandy Cabin across the road, witnessed the incident.

He said: “I could see all the smoke coming out of the side windows near the kitchen, but I couldn’t see any flames.

“The customers were all stood at the front of the restaurant having cigarettes and drinks while the firefighters went in.

“The landlord of the building was asleep upstairs and I don’t think he heard anything because the owner of the restaurant had to go and wake him up.

“They came out of the back door after a few minutes, and I couldn’t hear any alarms.”

Fire crews used a ventilation fan to get rid of the smoke, and also required breathing apparatus and a hose.

Mr Faisal added: “A few people came out onto the street to see what was happening, including me and my wife.

“After about 20 minutes or half an hour, the customers went back inside.”

The fire damage is described as being ‘moderate’ to the oven, and the smoke has also moderately damaged the building.

Nobody from Isolabella’s was available for comment.