Cynics celebrate as their band is signed

Ady from Super 8 Cynics - signed by longevity records
Ady from Super 8 Cynics - signed by longevity records
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A lead singer is celebrating after getting signed by a Manchester record label.

Ady Hall, 32, is the frontman of four-piece band Super 8 Cynics, who have just scooped a deal with Longevity Records.

The group, which is inspired by the likes of 80s band Duran Duran, is also made up of Mike Healey, Jack Ellis and Paul Barlow.

They are now in the process of recording their first single, which will be released in August, and are set to tour festivals, including Tyldesley, throughout the summer.

Ady, who has been part of the new wave group for three years, said: “Longevity are committed to exposing new music.

“They are making a name for themselves across Manchester.

“It is really exciting, and we’re all chuffed.

“We eventually want to get into the Top 40, but we’ll see.

“As a group, we are four really different people, but it works and the chemistry is there. It is make or break now.”

Details of the single will be released within the next two weeks and, according to Ady, there is a special story about it, which is yet to be unveiled.

Ady, from Chorley, said: “A record deal is a big step forward for us, and we’ve got a single that everyone involved is really proud of.

“I can’t wait until we’re ready to release it, because it’s something pretty special – even if I say so myself.”

Keyboard player, Mike Healey, from Middleton, said: “We’re really proud of our new single – we’re having to keep it under wraps at the moment but I can’t wait to get on stage and play it.

“Signing with Longevity Records is opening lots of new doors for Super 8 Cynics and it looks like it’s going to be an epic summer.”

And Ian Jackson, who runs the label alongside Gareth Wandless, said: “Longevity is all about real music and exceptional talent.

“Super 8 Cynics fit the bill for us perfectly.

“They are all accomplished musicians, and they put in their hearts and souls to make deep, meaningful music.”