Dad’s plea after son in alley attack

DC Dave Johnson, Leyland CID
DC Dave Johnson, Leyland CID
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An emotional dad today made a plea for information after his 15-year-old son was left with a shattered jaw by a bullying thug who hit him in an alleyway.

The victim was attacked just a day after celebrating his school leaving do and his family say it has taken the shine off the happy occasion.

He and his friend had been to a shop and were walking back through an alleyway between Leyland Lane and Westfield Drive in Leyland when two older men walked into the passage.

The first bumped into him on purpose and then punched him hard in the face, splitting his jaw.

The incident happened on June 30 at 10.15pm.

His father, David Bentley, a window cleaner from Leyland, said: “It worries me to think that the thug who did this is still wandering the streets, and may have done this to others or may be about to.

“Parents needs to be aware of it when they are letting their children out. I hope he is bragging about it to someone who does the right thing and turns him in. I have been over cautious since it happened, making sure I give my children lifts everywhere or making sure I know every detail about where they are going. I would urge anyone who knows the person responsible to tell the police before he does it to another child.”

The 47-year-old added: “Perhaps he didn’t realise the damage he had done by hitting my son, and maybe when he reads this he might turn himself in.”

Mr Bentley took his son to the Royal Preston Hospital where he underwent surgery the same day to wire his jaw back together.

DC Dave Johnson of Leyland CID said: “This was a nasty assault on a young boy. He was left in a really bad way and is struggling to eat.We would encourage anyone who either saw these two entering the alleyway or leaving it around that time to contact us on 101.”

The men were believed to be aged around 18. The attacker wore blue jeans, a black jacket and was 6ft. His companion was 5ft 10in with a grey tracksuit.