Damaged home couple attend court

Stuart Duffield at his home on Longmeanygate in Leyland
Stuart Duffield at his home on Longmeanygate in Leyland
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It is hoped the problems surrounding Longmeanygate can be resolved before another court hearing in March.

Homeowners Stuart Duffield and Lindsay Cavanagh were taken to court on Friday by South Ribble Council, which is seeking an order to demolish part of the barn so that the road can finally re-open.

The road has been closed since a car smashed into the home in April last year, but Mr Duffield says he is still waiting for the insurance money to come through to do the work.

The parties appeared at Preston Magistrates’ Court last week for a directional hearing, and the judge adjourned the case until next month, but it is hoped a solution can be reached before then, and Mr Duffield says once the insurance money has come through, he will be able to fund the job.

“The insurance firm has said they will give us part of the money for now to do this initial work to re-open the road,” he told the Guardian.

“But it needs to be all or nothing. We need all the money in place before we start.”