Dave Swanton column: Football agents left me speechless

Dave Swanton
Dave Swanton
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I was out at a dinner the other week and was sat with two football agents and as you do at functions, you do some networking and I am a big believer that what goes on at the table stays there, however... the two agents left me speechless and that takes some doing I can tell you.

They were discussing various clients (players) who they represented and as the red wine kicked in they got louder and louder. One bragged that he had just got his client a new deal but said that the client would only do 12 months then kick off royally and the manager would be forced to sell him before a transfer window shut! The agent then bragged that he would be paid by the club for getting his client to sign a three year deal, would get a big portion of the transfer fee from the club he had already lined up and would also get another agents fee.

At this point I was fascinated on how the operation of being an agent worked for these two. One was dripping with gold jewellery and the other had a top of the range car in the car park.

The second one said that one of his clients was happy with the club he was at and happy in the area he lived in but the agent bragged that although his client had another season on his contract he (the agent) was doing everything he could to poison his clients mind and get him to move, because in his words ‘My wife and I have a lovely lifestyle and someone has to fund it.’

At this point I was just about ready to pour my pint of lime and lemonade over the pair of them and leave but I sat it out and thought I would share my evening’s entertainment with you. I checked both these agents credentials through a journalist friend; they are both registered with the sports governing body.

Now you all know I am a big critic of the money awash in sport these days but with people like these two agents the game is riddled with infection and it needs to stop. How you would do this would require some serious regulations putting in place by a governing body who were squeaky clean. Sadly there aren’t that many individuals around to form a committee so in the meantime, the infection will continue to spread.