David Gest believes in former The Voice contestants track

Full Circle, a group created from BBC's The Voice contestants who didn't make it through to the televised show
Full Circle, a group created from BBC's The Voice contestants who didn't make it through to the televised show
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The debut single of determined singers has caught the attention of a media personality.

David Gest, an American concert promoter who married Liza Minnelli, is backing the work of new 20-member group, Full Circle.

The group, which includes Chorley talent, was formed from auditionees of BBC’s The Voice.

Members managed to make it through the first round of the competition, but never had the chance to perform in front of the celebrity judges, Tom Jones, Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue and Will.i.am.

Organised by vocal coach Paul Stuart Davies via social networking site Facebook, they have joined forces and recorded their debut single, I Believe, at Manchester’s Blueprint studios.

All funds raised from the track will be donated to the charity Me and Dee, based in Derby, of which David Gest is a patron.

David said: “Congratulations to the members of Full Circle on recording I Believe.

“I am sure with all their great talents and voices, plus such a very special song, that magic will be made.

“Enjoy and cherish this incredible experience of making a record. Warm wishes.”

In less than a week, the single, which will officially be released on June 4, had almost 6,000 hits on YouTube.

Having now performed in the same studio as the Jessie J, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake, Paul wants to push I Believe even further.

He said: “We are aiming for the Top 40 now.

“The recording went really well.

“Most of Full Circle hadn’t met before, and we have now made friends for life.

“It was like it was supposed to happen – it couldn’t have gone any more perfectly.

“We chat every day on Facebook, and everyone is saying ‘when are we going to do the next one?’.

“It was a success that we managed to get everybody together, and make something so good.”

Full Circle singers Louise Crook and Amy Lovae are waving the flag for Chorley, with Louise earning herself the longest solo on the track.

Country singer Louise, 28, who is a health care assistant at Chorley Hospital, said: “It was absolutely fabulous.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“We all hit it off, and we’ve become really good friends.

“Paul’s a great guy.

“Even if it doesn’t reach the Top 40, I am going to carry on with it, because it’s a great social thing.”

I Believe, which can be heard on www.fullcircleofficial.co.uk, will be available on all the main download sites including iTunes and Amazon.