Delays demolishing historic mill site

Wesley Street Mill, Bamber Bridge
Wesley Street Mill, Bamber Bridge

A delay in knocking down the remainder of an iconic mill has been described as a ‘catch- 22’ situation.

Wesley Street Mill, in Bamber Bridge, has been partly demolished, but the tower of the old mill is still standing after work came to a halt.

Work to flatten the mill started last summer but, at the end of October, the work stopped because of a problem with an EE mobile phone mast which needs to be relocated.

County Coun David Watts said: “We don’t know when they are going to start again. It is pretty bad, it should have been sorted by now.

“It’s not very good and yes, we want it sorted, we want it brought down and new houses built there.

“It’s a catch-22, one thing has to be sorted out before the other one can. We have to keep plugging away.

“It’s going in the right direction, it’s very slow. I want it sorted out.”

Charlotte Cropper, who was part of the Save Wesley Street Mill campaign group, added: “I think we’re all feeling that the owner was quick to demolish the mill as soon as possible to rid himself from the problem, but in actual fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the tower was still standing in six months’ time and the land was still derelict in two years’ time.”

An EE spokesman said: “We are in the process of identifying and securing a new site in the area. We understand the site’s demolition is imperative for local residents and for Gorrie Ltd.

“We aim to have this resolved as soon as possible.”

The site’s developers Gorrie Ltd declined to comment.