Discovering the secrets of the rich and famous

Ever wondered what really went on inside Michael Jackson’s head?

One Leyland man has become an internet sensation after revealing the secrets of the rich and famous through his own unique skills.

Body language expert Craig Baxter, from Leyland, with his website which has reached the one million mark on YouTube

Body language expert Craig Baxter, from Leyland, with his website which has reached the one million mark on YouTube

Craig Baxter, 28, from Larchwood Crescent, is a self-taught body language expert, and his videos on YouTube have just reached one million views.

He said: “I started getting interested in body language about eight years ago, so I started going to seminars and reading books on the subject.

“Then, about a year ago, I started uploading videos of celebrities on YouTube, with my analysis of what their body language was really saying about them.

“There is a lot of hidden meaning behind gestures and facial expressions, which people aren’t always aware they are giving off, and it’s really fascinating to watch.”

His videos about pop star Michael Jackson are the most viewed, with about a quarter of a million hits between them, but Craig’s new tutorial clips are also proving very popular.

“I wanted to start with the celebrities to build up interest in the subject,” he said. “And it did take a little while for it to get off the ground. “Nobody else was doing anything like that, but the next thing I knew, people were getting in contact asking me what I thought about this person and that person.

“Now that my videos are popular, I’ve started uploading ones with tips for people to spot when they’re being lied to, or when someone is flirting with them.

“I also advise on what waiters and waitresses can do to increase their probability of getting a good tip at the end of a meal.

“I’ve uploaded more than 100 videos in total now, and to reach the one million milestone is such an accolade.

“I’ve worked hard for this, and I’m thrilled that people like what I do.”

This isn’t all that Craig does though, because for a living, he works as a GP referral officer.

He hopes to turn his hobby into a career one day, and is currently writing a book about Michael Jackson’s body language.

He said: “I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s not what everyone expects.

“I look back at when he was talking about the allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy, and his relationship with Lisa Marie Presley.

“He’s such a controversial character; people are always searching for him online, so he’s still the most popular subject of my videos.”

Craig added: “I also did one about Amy Winehouse, suggesting that she had a lot of problems, and the criticism I got was unbelievable, but I don’t let my personal preferences affect the results of my analysis.

“I looked into the relationship between Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton too, and although a lot of people say it’s all just a publicity stunt, I think it’s really genuine.

“Alex sent me a message on Twitter to thank me for my comments.”

But how does it affect Craig’s own relationships?

“My girlfriend and friends are used to it now,” he said. “I think my skills have improved my relationships because I know how people are feeling. Sometimes I can switch off from it, but other times it’s a bit more difficult. It’s a nightmare when I’m watching TV because I’m constantly pausing and rewinding it. That can be a bit frustrating for other people!”

To view Craig’s videos, search for ‘all-about-body-language’ on YouTube, or visit his website at