Dog mess paint trial could be rolled out across Leyland

Councillor Mike Otter with his spray paint in Farington
Councillor Mike Otter with his spray paint in Farington
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An innovative scheme to highlight problems of dog fouling in Farington has been a massive success.

Coun Mike Otter has been taking to the streets with special spray paint, to make people more aware of how dog mess can affect the area.

He said: “The number of instances have dropped dramatically since we started this trial.

“In our first visit out round Farington, there were 55 areas affected, and 36 deposits down Moss Lane alone.

“By the second time, that has dropped to 40 areas and two cases on Moss Lane, and by the third and final time, there were just 15 areas affected in Farington, and no deposits on Moss Lane at all.

“It really seems to be working.”

Coun Peter Mullineaux, South Ribble Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods and street scene, said the scheme could now be rolled out across other parts of Leyland.

“That was the whole idea,” he said. “To see if it worked and to see if other people, such as councillors and members of the community, were interested in trying this scheme in their neighbourhoods.

“I would like to think there is a very good chance of rolling this out across the borough, and the pleasing results from Coun Otter will hopefully help to encourage people to get on board with this.”