‘Dognapping’ warning in town park

Worden Park, Leyland
Worden Park, Leyland
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Police are warning dog owners to be vigilant after reports of attempted dog thefts in Leyland.

Officers from the St Mary’s Neighbourhood Policing Team said that they had heard of at least two different cases, but no official reports had been made.

One dog walker caught two youths trying to lead her dog away in Worden Park earlier this week, after she let the spaniel off the lead.

She found they had removed her dog’s tag, with its name and owner’s details, from her collar. They eventually left when she challenged them.

She said: “They pulled her ID tag off and threw it away.

“My dog was really scared and wanted to come back to me.

“I told them to buy their own dog but I wish I could have done more.”

She added a local vet told her of reports of two other dogs being stolen in Leyland recently.

A spokesman for the policing team said: “I’ve had a few people come up to me in the park saying that they’ve heard about dognappings, but it’s all been second and third hand information, I haven’t yet had someone who has been affected themselves.

“People need to report suspicious activity to the police so that we are aware and can take action.

“Dog owners also need to keep their eye on their pets when they are off the lead.”

Report any dognapping incidents to the police on 101.