Dogs’ mess left in gardens and on elderly estate

Glennis Hill of Glamis Road, Leyland, where dog fouling is a major problem
Glennis Hill of Glamis Road, Leyland, where dog fouling is a major problem
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A group of Leyland pensioners are sick of cleaning up dog mess from their ‘lovely’ estate - and even their own gardens - on a daily basis.

Glennis Hill, of Glamis Road, says she and her neighbours are at the end of their tether with selfish dog owners who allow their pets to use their gardens and don’t clean up the street.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” she said. “It happens every night after we draw our curtains and blinds.

“It’s just awful, and we’re fed of clearing it up now.

“We’re all elderly, we don’t need to be going to our gates every morning to see that mess.”

She says the problem has been going on for some time, and the council has been contacted in the past.

Mrs Hill, 79, added: “The council do send people to clear it up when we call, but that’s not solving the problem.

“They’ve also sent the dog warden, but they sit in the council van and I think it alerts the dog owners.

“These are lovely little bungalows, everyone looks after their homes and their gardens. My garden is so neat and tidy - it’s my hobby, I love my garden.

“People just don’t have a conscience.

“One dog has even been allowed to leave mess on my neighbours front lawn because she doesn’t have a gate at the end of her drive.”

She said the situation is so bad that flies have started being attracted to the area, and residents have to be careful about leaving their windows open.

“It’s just become a priority for us it seems, cleaning up other people’s mess.

“I had a sign put up on my gate a couple of years ago saying ‘no fouling’, and it worked for about six months, but the problem is back again now.

“People just aren’t paying attention to it.

“In fact, it’s almost like they’ve seen it and thought ‘well we’ll leave some for her’, because I find mess right under the sign sometimes.

“It really don’t know what the solution is.

“All we want is to ask people to be a bit more considerate.

“Some dog owners round here are responsible, but there are a few who are spoiling it for everybody.”