Parents back after-school kids’ club

Church hall: The St Anne's after-school club is run from the Orthodox Christian Church in Leyland Lane
Church hall: The St Anne's after-school club is run from the Orthodox Christian Church in Leyland Lane
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A carer who runs an after-school club in Leyland, which was dubbed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted, has received resounding support from parents whose children attend the sessions.

Guardian readers have taken to the paper’s website to show their support for Margaret Temmen, after it was reported last week the St Anne’s after-school club had failed the education watchdog’s inspection.

The club looks after 28 children from four Leyland primary schools at the Orthodox Christian Church hall on Leyland Lane.

Ofsted said the four members of staff were failing to continue the children’s education following on from the school day, which one mum said is a ‘ridiculous’ requirement.

Margaret blamed new national guidelines which state it is no longer enough to provide youngsters with somewhere to play, and parents agree with her.

An online user called Mrs Sear said: “As a parent of this after school club, I feel this report is ridiculous.

“I’m a strong believer my child has plenty of education from the six hours he has at school and the 30 minutes he has at home with us completing his homework and reading every day.

“I wish my son to be allowed time to play and enjoy his time at this club.

“The children that are fortunate to go straight home are not being assessed after 3.15pm, so why should our children, just because we have to work?

“Please stop wasting money on trying to educate our club members and put the finances back into the schools where they belong.

“Outstanding work Mrs Temmen.”

Reader ‘PeteG’ wrote: “I can’t agree with OFSTED on this one.

“My kids love going to the after school club and complain if I turn up too early.

“They need time to play without the nonsense of learning objectives and Personal Learning Targets etc.”

He added: “Let kids be kids in their own time; I would give Margaret grief if she gave them an exercise book instead of a game!”

Leyland councillor Matthew Tomlinson also commented.

He said: “Is this really the sort of establishment that Ofsted was originally set up to monitor?

“For most parents an after school club is somewhere for children to be kept safe whilst they are at work.

“It sounds as though these children are safe and are given access to suitable toys and games.

“What’s more, the parents seem to be very complimentary too.”

And reader ‘jon h’ added: “I agree with Margaret Temmen, an after school club is to cater for parents who work, a child’s place for learning is school.

“Does Ofsted inspect non-working and part-time working parents who collect and take their kids home from school? Would Ofsted rate such parents inadequate if they didn’t adhere to Early Years Foundation Stage?

“I wonder how many inspectors could be cut and money saved if this sort of rubbish was avoided.”