Pupils enjoy perfect start to school day

Breakfast club at Wellfield High School
Breakfast club at Wellfield High School
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Pupils in Leyland are racing to school early – to tuck in to a hearty pre-lesson feast.

For the past two years Wellfield High School has run a breakfast club, where any pupil on school meals has been able to have a free breakfast.

Now though, thanks to support from the PTA, there is enough cash in the kitty to offer breakfast to every student for the whole of January.

Between 8.15am and 8.45am each day, pupils can get a free breakfast of fruit, toast, or cereal with a drink from the school canteen.

Headteacher Piers Tolson said: “The importance of a good breakfast for our students can’t be stressed enough; and our staff have noticed there’s a markedly increased attentiveness and energy from pupils who’ve attended our breakfast club. “We aim to support our students as much as we can, so we hope this new initiative will encourage more of our pupils to incorporate breakfast into their every day routine.”

The school wants to extend the initiative and is hoping to attract support from the local community to help fund it.