Family business closes after 40 years in town

Centurion Furniture, Centurion Industrial Estate, Leyland
Centurion Furniture, Centurion Industrial Estate, Leyland

A family business which has been ‘proudly designing and making sofas in Leyland’ for 40 years has now closed.

Centurion Furniture, based at the Centurion Industrial Estate in Farington, had been manufacturing its own suites, sofas and chairs since 1974.

The website advertised a ‘retirement sale’ in which ‘all stock must go’ in February.

The Guardian visited the site at Farington’s Old Cotton Mill and a member of staff confirmed the closure, although the owner was unavailable for comment.

Leyland residents have since been expressing their disappointment on the ‘Leyland Memories’ Facebook group.

Brendan Ince wrote: “It’s so sad that yet again a long established Leyland company is closing down.”

Wendy Park added: “Such a shame, they have been going for years.

“People today would rather got to places like DFS and the other sofa stores instead of going to places such as Centurion Furniture.”

Stephen Broomhead said: “Worked there when I left school, lots of happy memories of the place.”

Susan Birkinshaw added: “I remember Centurion Furniture from the early days. So many family businesses have disappeared. Such a shame.”

Stephen Bibby said: “Probably can’t compete with these big companies (a bit like little shops verses super markets).”

A statement from owner Mr Evans on the website also addressed the issue of competition before the showroom closed last month.

It said: “A vast amount of manufacturing now comes from the far east and at the prices they charge for labour it’s not difficult to see why.

“We can’t compete with the far east on price - no one can!

“When you start considering the complete package though, the quality of materials used and how long it’s likely to last, which both impact how much value for money you’re really getting.

“Then add in our service and the fact that it’s made right here in Leyland - I’d say we have a pretty good package to offer!”