Family’s delight after stolen medal is found

Angela Tattersall and 9 year old Corey Tattersall with the Afghanistan medal
Angela Tattersall and 9 year old Corey Tattersall with the Afghanistan medal
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The family of a serving Leyland soldier who had one of his campaign medals stolen by burglars today told of their joy after it was found and returned to them.

And delighted Angela Tattersall thanked the Evening Post after our front page story about the missing medal led to its safe return.

The medal, which was presented to Angela’s son, LCpl Dale Snape, 22, in 2009 following his first tour of Afghanistan.

But the irreplaceable medal was stolen when the family home in Leyland was broken into last month.

The medal was actually found some time ago by a member of the public who did not initially realise what it was.

But after the finder, who has asked to remain anonymous, saw the story in Friday’s LEP, he immediately called police and got in touch with the family.

Ms Tattersall, 45, said: “The police rang me on Friday night and I didn’t hear the answerphone because it doesn’t ring downstairs.

“It was a message from the police and she basically said someone has found something, she didn’t say it was the medal at first.

“I phoned her and said, ‘Is it the medal?’ and she said I don’t know at the moment.

“Oh my God, I just burst into tears. Then I was thinking, ‘Is it the medal?’ Obviously I wanted everything back, like my laptop.

“I know I’m not going to get that back now but the medal was the main thing because Dale was just gutted.

“Even thought he said don’t worry about it and stuff, I could tell he was.”

Police told her the man who made the find wanted to get in touch with her himself.

He did and confirmed that the medal had been found in the street.

She added: “Waiting for the phone call from this man felt like a lifetime.

“He rang me and said he had been out in town and found it on the floor.

“He picked it up but he said he had not done anything about it. He was going to go to the police.

“He had been working and his wife took the paper to bed for him with a brew and he obviously saw it and called the police.”

Ms Tattersall arranged to go to the man’s house in Saturday morning where she was reunited with the medal.

And she has also told her delighted son that it has been recovered.

“I have sent him a message on Facebook when I heard it had been found and he sent a message back saying it was fantastic news.

“It is a bit scratched but I’m not bothered about that, I can probably get it cleaned.”

Angela and her family had returned to the family home to find it ransacked and the medal missing.

Also taken was Angela’s late mum’s wedding ring and engagement ring, a safe containing case and medallions which had been made especially for Dale and his brother Ryan, 24, when they were born.

Former Worden Arts College pupil Dale left school and joined the Army at 16.

He is currently on his second tour of Afghanistan and is due to return in around five weeks.