Family’s plea for return of missing teen

Anthony Stubbs, 16, who has been missing from his Leyland home since November 25, pictured here with sister Jodie and brother Oscar
Anthony Stubbs, 16, who has been missing from his Leyland home since November 25, pictured here with sister Jodie and brother Oscar

The grief-stricken mother of a 16-year-old who has gone missing from his home in Leyland has spoken of her increasing concern for her son.

Anthony Stubbs, a teenaged dad who is a pupil at Wellfield Business and Enterprise College, went missing 10 days ago, and his mum Denise Machin says that ‘all sorts of things’ are now going through her mind.

Speaking from her home in Southbrook Road, Ms Machin said: “It’s not in Anthony’s heart to leave his family in this state. Anthony is such a caring person, he would help anyone out and he always looked out for other people before thinking about himself.

“He loves school and has got a baby girl and a girlfriend whom he adores, and I just can’t think of anything which would make him go.

“I don’t believe he’s run away. It’s so out of character for him.”

Anthony, who is one of the top prefects at high school and enjoys singing and camping, moved to Leyland Lane with his girlfriend shortly after their daughter, Lily, was born in September.

“I couldn’t tell him I didn’t want him to move out,” Ms Machin said.

“But he would have said something if things had started to get on top of him.

“He’s got a little girl and a brother and sister, and it’s not in his heart to leave his family in this state.”

She added: “Even after he moved out, we still saw him everyday.

“He would pick his brother Oscar up and take him to nursery every morning before he went off to school.

“Oscar’s only three, and he keeps asking me why Anthony hasn’t been coming to see him and take him to nursery.

“His sister Jodie is a similar age to Anthony, she’s 15, and he was so protective of her. She’s trying to cope but she just misses him so much.

“His girlfriend Charlotte is devastated.”

Anthony was last seen at his home at around 1pm on Sunday, November 25, by his girlfriend.

The day before, he was supposed to be celebrating his nana and grandad’s wedding anniversary with the rest of the family, but he never arrived, and his girlfriend thought he had gone to his mum’s on Sunday afternoon.

Ms Machin said: “When Anthony didn’t come to the ceremony, I thought it was because he was busy at home with the baby; I didn’t want to interfere.

“But on Sunday at about 4pm his girlfriend sent me a text to ask me when he was going back home to her, and that’s when we realised he was missing.

“I waited until it had been 24 hours and then went straight to the police station on Monday, because I knew then that something had happened.

“All sorts of things are going through my mind; we just want him home.”

She added: “He’s very close with his cousin Katie, and if he was thinking about running away, I know he would have spoken to her about it.

“Nobody has heard from him, and we’re just so worried.”

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