‘Fantastic’ BAFTA experience for Tom Bidwell

Leyland scriptwriter Tom Bidwell with his girlfriend Lorraine Metz at the BAFTAs, where his show, My Mad Fat Diary, was nominated for an award
Leyland scriptwriter Tom Bidwell with his girlfriend Lorraine Metz at the BAFTAs, where his show, My Mad Fat Diary, was nominated for an award

The Shining and Watership Down may not have a lot in common on paper - but Leyland scriptwriter Tom Bidwell is taking inspiration from both with some exciting projects he’s working on this year.

Back home after the ‘fantastic’ experience of the BAFTA awards, where his latest success, Channel 4’s My Mad Fat Diary, was nominated for the Best Drama Series accolade, Tom is looking forward to a busy schedule over the next few months.

The 30-year-old, who lives in Towngate with his girlfriend Lorraine Metz, says he wasn’t too disappointed that the show missed out on the British Academy Film and Television Award to ITV’s Broadchurch, as the event was just ‘so much fun’ anyway.

“The red carpet was really exciting,” he said. “And it was great to take Lorraine with me.

“We played it cool around the celebrities though! Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad was just getting hounded all night. He was very gracious, but we didn’t want to pester him.”

One actor they did bump into though was Rory Kinnear, who starred in Tom’s Oscar-nominated short film, Wish 143, in 2009.

He was at the bash for Southcliffe, which was up for a number of awards, and he has also appeared in a number of films including Bond flicks Quantum of Solace and Skyfall in recent years.

Tom said: “It was really nice to see him again and thank him properly for the work he did with us on Wish 143.

“He also said he’s been watching My Mad Fat Diary, which is really great.”

The former Balshaw’s and Runshaw College student, who works from home and enjoys visiting the Leyland Lion and Worden Park in his spare time, is now getting his head down and working on some really exciting projects.

They include a Watership Down animation, a Norwegian murder mystery, and a pilot episode about a school guidance councillor.

“The school guidance councillor one is my own idea,” he said. “It’s a comedy drama and I’m really pleased with it.

“Channel 4 has commissioned me to write the pilot, then they’ll read my script and see if they want to take it on.

“I’m also working on an adaptation of a book called ‘1222’ by Anne Holt, which is a Norwegian crime drama.

“It’s a classic murder mystery concept, and that’s for the BBC.

“Whilst I was researching that, I took a train to a hotel which features in the book.

“It was in Finse, Norway, and it was during a snowstorm. It was like something out of The Shining!

“It was really eerie, but it was a wonderful experience - even though it was very cold!

“Another adaptation I’ve been commissioned to do for the BBC is Watership Down. Again, there’s no guarantee it’ll come off, but they’ll read the script and see if they want to go ahead with it.

“I was approached to do that one by someone who had seen my previous work, and I was really pleased to be asked because it’s one of my favourite books.

“I just think it’s got some really nice themes running through it, about companionship and camaraderie.”