Farington Moss plan changes upset councillors

Farington Moss Southern masterplan
Farington Moss Southern masterplan

Proposals for a housing development in Farington Moss did not match up with a previously agreed masterplan for the site, a planning meeting heard.

South Ribble Council’s planning committee raised concerns at a meeting last week as they were faced with an outline plan from Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors to develop land off Croston Road.

The document stated that access to the estate, which could include up to 350 houses, is sought from Heatherleigh, Croston Road and Hugh Lane.

But members had previously said they would not allow access to be obtained from Hugh Lane for any potential development, resulting in the accusation that the planning application had been ‘rushed’.

Coun Caroline Moon, who sits on the planning committee, said: “I’m hoping this in an oversight because this is certainly not what we agreed to.

“I do not wish to see this outline plan go forward with this question mark.

“I am not comfortable with this anomaly.”

Coun Paul Foster added: “My initial worries are that this has been a bit rushed.

“It has come very soon after the masterplan was agreed, and there are some important discrepancies.”

It was suggested that a condition be attached to planning approval to make sure access will not be gained from Hough Lane.

County coun Michael Green, who is not on the committee, also spoke about his concern that in the last document available to the public, Lancashire County Council’s highways said it could not support the scheme, because of the effect it could have on road networks in the area.

He said the committee should not be expected to make a decision without seeing all of the evidence.

David Bailey, from Lea Hough, responded: “All of the objections from LCC have been dealt with now.

“We have made a commitment to provide funding for road improvements, including junction designs.”

The plans were passed with the Hugh Lane condition.

LCC has since confirmed to the Guardian that it is satisfied with the arrangement.