Fears for MP after collapse

Lorraine Fullbrook has collapsed
Lorraine Fullbrook has collapsed

Fears have emerged for the health of South Ribble MP Lorraine Fullbrook after she collapsed.

The 52-year-old Conservative is understood to have been diagnosed with a heart virus.

Her husband, Mark, said the combination of her condition and fatigue caused her to collapse, just 10 months after winning the South Ribble seat from Labour’s David Borrow.

He confirmed: “Lorraine has a virus on her heart, which means it isn’t working as well as it should.

“She collapsed whilst getting ready for work at home two weeks ago.”

He added: “Her lungs couldn’t get the air round as effectively as they should either, so she’s been ordered to rest for a few weeks.”

Mrs Fullbrook started feeling ‘run-down’ six months ago, and sought medical advice at the time.

In March she was diagnosed with having bronchitis, an inflammation of the passageways which carry air into the lungs, and was given antibiotics.

Things got steadily worse, and after she collapsed, Lorraine was taken to hospital, where she had a scan and an x-ray.

She didn’t require surgery, but doctors instructed her to take time off work.

Mr Fullbrook said: “The problem is that Lorraine’s been working 80-hour weeks for the past 10 months without having a break.

“Normally when people feel ill, they take time off, but Lorraine couldn’t and she’s run herself into the ground.

“She’s been working so hard.”

Mrs Fullbrook was elected in May 2010, and balances her time between South Ribble and London, where she is a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

She has spoken in 15 debates in the last year and has received answers to two written questions in the last year, which is below average.

Statistics show she has voted in over 89 per cent of votes in this Parliament, which is well above average amongst MPs.

Her husband said: “She receives several hundred letters and emails every day, and has held 34 surgeries since being elected, seeing between six and eight people at each surgery.

“She also did 16 mobile surgeries last summer throughout the constituency.”

He added: “Lorraine’s due back to work in early May, and she’ll make a full recovery if she rests now.

“She’s got a good team around her, so all queries are being dealt with.”