Fears grow over future of closed Leyland pub

Closed: Fox and Lion
Closed: Fox and Lion
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Fears are growing that a town centre pub may become a ‘grot spot’ after it closed suddenly.

The Fox and Lion, on the corner of Fox Lane, closed suddenly and without warning before Christmas.

It is not yet clear why the pub shut but a spokesperson for brewery Scottish and Newcastle has only just confirmed the move.

They said: “The landlords are still responsible for the operation of the pub but I can confirm it is now closed. We are unable to say anything further at this stage.”

The news has sparked fears that the pub, which lies in Leyland’s only conservation area, may suffer a decline if its not returned to its former glory soon. Coun Phil Hamman, who represents the Leyland St Mary’s ward, said: “The pub has now been closed for some time and it is a real shame. “Unfortunately, it’s now looking a little scruffy. The Roebuck pub opposite the Fox and Lion has been painted and has had a bit of a revamp and now looks really smart.

“I am concerned that because is has been empty for some time that it doesn’t make that area look bad. After all, it is in a conservation area.”

Punters reacted with sadness to news of the closure.

Tony Gilgun, who lives on Fox Lane, said: “I is a shame that it has now closed but it’s the same with pubs all over the place.

“It does however certainly make things quieter on a Friday and Saturday night.”

In December 2009, landlords Debbie McCarthy and Sam Ambrose spoke out against brewery Scottish and Newcastle.

They called for all the pubs in Leyland under management of the brewery to come together to fight against financial constraints imposed on them due to high rents and expensive alcohol.

At the time, Debbie McCarthy said: “Sam and I have been in the game for six years and we absolutely adore it, but we just can’t do our jobs under this kind of financial pressure.

“I don’t understand why the pub company is behaving like this. If we are forced out of business they will lose our rent money.”

The Guardian was unable to contact the landlords.