Fears raised that last pint has been pulled at pub

The Waggon and Horses Pub on Bent Lane in Leyland
The Waggon and Horses Pub on Bent Lane in Leyland

Residents are concerned a Leyland pub has closed for good and will be replaced with flats.

People were seen clearing out the Waggon and Horses on Bent Lane this week, and Thwaites brewery has confirmed that a sale has been agreed.

A spokesman added that they do not believe the buyer intends to continue operating the establishment as a public house, and neighbours have heard that the building is set to be demolished to make way for flats.

Karl Harrison, from Bent Lane, said: “It’s been closing and opening on and off for years now – it’s had about three landlords in the last 18 months, and at one time it was closed for a full 18 months.

“It never stood a chance really.

“The brewery said that the locals didn’t support it enough, but when it kept closing, people starting going elsewhere.”

He added: “We have heard that it’s been sold to a developer for flats, but people don’t really want that.

“It’s always bad when a pub closes for good, but it’s even worse when it’s right near your house.

“I saw people removing the bar and all the tables and chairs on Monday.”

The spokesman for Thwaites said: “The Waggon and Horses in Leyland has been on the market and a sale has now been agreed.”