Firefighters issue warning after woman tries to use water to extinguish cooking fire

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FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning after attending a cooking fire in Preston.

It happened at 4.20pm in a house on Clovelly Avenue as a woman tried to use water to put out the fire from her oily pan.

Watch manager for Preston Fire Service, Mark Woodward, said: "This is the perfect example of how things can nearly go very wrong. This woman was lucky not to be hurt. When we arrived the whole family were in the garden and luckily none of them had been hurt. The pan had been left unattended and the family were alerted by smoke alarms. We extinguished the fire and there was only minimal damage to the cooker, hob and some smoke damage to the kitchen."

Mark has given some advice for anyone who encounters a cooking fire and says the number one rule is not to tackle it yourself.

He said: "Firstly make sure where you cook is clean to prevent any fires or to stop them spreading. Secondly if a fire starts turn the gas or electric off if it is possible. Definitely do not try to tackle it yourself. Leave the house and call 999 and let the emergency services do their work. The time you spend trying to put the fire out could be the difference between life and death."