Firefighters save customers trapped in lift at Leyland’s new Range store

Fire engine
Fire engine
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Fire crews had to rescue two customers who were trapped in the lift of a new Leyland DIY store on its opening day last week.

Two women tried out the lift at the Range store in Olympian Way on Friday, but soon found themselves stuck inside.

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called just after 1pm on Friday and were told that two women were ‘marooned’ in a lift.

“We sent firefighters in a fire engine from Leyland and they used a ladder and hand tools to open the doors and get into the lift.

“It took them 20 minutes to release the women.

“They also advised the manager to get someone in to repair the lift.”

Members of the Leyland Hub Facebook group were also talking about the lift.

Theresa Marcon said: “It was manic on opening day. I didn’t manage to get round the bottom floor as it was too busy.

“They have a small two persons lift which will take one trolley but it’s finicky and you need to hold the button down the whole time you’re inside or it stops!”