Flood victims to get cash aid ‘quickly’ to help in clean-up

RAF Chinook at Croston
RAF Chinook at Croston
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Flood victims are to receive a £500 handout to help them recover from the storms which have battered the North West this winter.

Households and businesses hit by the deluge have been promised rapid financial assistance by the Government to put the region back on its feet.

As a huge clean-up operation continued in the hardest-hit communities like Croston and Whalley, the leader of Lancashire County Council announced the payouts would be made by district councils “as quickly as possible.”

“The confirmation that government funding will be extended to those affected by the most recent floods is very welcome news,” said Coun Jennifer Mein. “We will be working closely with district councils and partner organisations over the coming days and weeks to distribute these funds and try to make the process work as smoothly as possible.

“I am very grateful for the wonderful response from people across the county and beyond to help those affected by flooding and we will be continuing to do all we can in the coming weeks to help people and businesses get back to normal.”

The west side of the UK has been hit by six storms in just seven weeks - Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva and Frank - all attributed to the El Nino phenomenon in which warmer than average sea temperatures have caused violent storm systems in the Atlantic.

As an RAF Chinook helicopter returned to Croston yesterday to help repair a breach in river defences, victims of the floods were being briefed on the various forms of cash assistance available.

In addition to the £500 grant, there will be council tax and water bill amnesties, business support and a fund to help farmers and those not insured.