Fly-tipping problem is taking over back alley

Fly-tipping in the back alleys of School Street and East Street in Farington, Leyland
Fly-tipping in the back alleys of School Street and East Street in Farington, Leyland
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Gates, paint pots, kitchen cupboards and Christmas trees are just some of the items of rubbish blighting a community area in Farington.

Calls are being made for the back alleys of School Street and East Street to be looked after properly by local residents, after numerous complaints about fly-tipping in the area.

Coun Mike Otter, who sits on Farington Parish Council, said: “This has been a problem for years, but it’s come up again and we really want to sort it out.

“The parish council paid for the access to be gated a few years ago and gave all of the residents a key to stop fly-tipping from happening, because there were concerns that it was all going on at night time.

“But I think the problem is that a lot of those houses are rented, so it’s quite possibly some of those residents who are doing the fly-tipping themselves.

“It’s a case of it all being at the other side of the garden wall; out of sight and out of mind.

“But I’d really like to look into the possibility of forming a residents’ group and then creating a community garden there, which people can be proud of and take ownership of.”

Last year, the parish council unveiled a long-running project to transform the derelict land on the corner of Mill Street and Stanifield Lane.

Six months on, the Farington Mill Garden area is still relatively litter-free and respected by the community.

Although not aiming for something of a similar scale for the back alleys, Coun Otter hopes the regeneration work can inspire people to take care of other parts of the town too.

“I still get comments about how wonderful the Mill Street Garden is,” he said. “People are really proud to have that on their doorstep, and it has made such a huge difference to the appearance of the whole area.

“I hope that on the back of what has been achieved there, it really shows people what can possibly be done down the back access alleys of School Street and East Street.”

Photos of the fly-tipping problems were circulated around Farington Parish Council’s last meeting, and the mess was cleared up by South Ribble Council shortly afterwards, despite the alleyways not being officially adopted.

Young offenders have also been ordered to help tidy up the area in recent months as part of the community payback scheme.

They are made to carry out unpaid work as a punishment for breaking the law.

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