Football youths say sorry after flowers damage

Wildflowers on Dalehead Road, Leyland.
Wildflowers on Dalehead Road, Leyland.
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A group of boys who damaged a wildflower garden with a football have been praised for making amends.

The youngsters, whose parents were visited by police, all wrote letters of apology to residents for what they had done.

Former South Ribble councillor Phil Hamman was angered by the damage caused to the garden at the green on Dalehead Road, Leyland, but he said the boys had shown true remorse and were sorry.

Mr Hamman, who used to represent Leyland St Mary’s ward, explained: “There were some youngsters. The lads had been on Worden Park and were passing through and started kicking a ball on there, which they can do, but they kicked it into the wildflowers. A lot of the residents were quite upset about it.

“The PCSO went to see the boys’ parents and the boys have written letters. They were very sorry and to be honest I don’t think they realised what they were doing.

“They’ve written an apology to the residents of Worden estate and volunteered to do some litter picking. I’m happy with the way it’s been dealt with by the police and the reaction of the children. They were all very, very sorry.

“They realised what they had done was wrong.”

The flowers were paid for through donations from the Leyland Neighbourhood Forum.

Sergeant Mark Douglas, of Leyland Police, said: “They were a group of youths who are about eleven and have never been in trouble before.

“Rather than criminalise them, we’ve entered them on a youth referral scheme and given them restorative justice, given them two hours of unpaid work, picking up litter.

“The idea is to try and educate and rehabilitate them and put them on the right path.”