Fourth time lucky in Italian Job

Girasole - Talbot Row, Euxton, Chorley
Girasole - Talbot Row, Euxton, Chorley

Girasole - Talbot Row, Euxton, Chorley

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to get a pizza delivered in Leyland?

It was Friday night and my partner and I fancied some Italian, which we normally save for when we’re dining out, so don’t have much experience ordering a takeaway.

A place in Bamber Bridge had been recommended to us so we spent ages looking through the menu and choosing what we wanted, from starters through to desserts.

Unfortunately, when we called, we were told they don’t deliver to Leyland.

Plan B – our old favourite pizza place in Lostock Hall. We know what mains we like from there, but we weren’t sure if they did starters, so went online for a menu.

We couldn’t find one, so looked online for a popular Leyland takeaway instead.

They don’t deliver though, and in the length of time it had taken us to get to this point, we’d already guzzled a couple of beers, so couldn’t drive.

Then I remembered a place in Euxton my former colleague used to rave about. We found a menu online, called to enquire if they deliver to Leyland before making our choices, and set about deciding what we wanted to eat (again!)

Just more than half an hour later and our food from Girasole arrived.

The starters were excellent. I had deep fried breaded balls of risotto rice stuffed with mozzarella in a sweet and sticky barbecue sauce.

The three large balls were quite filling but very tasty, and of restaurant-quality. My partner had chicken livers which were also delicious, and we shared a garlic bread.

Sadly, the garlic bread was rock hard and really bland, so we hardly touched that.

My quattro pizza (ham, spicy sausage, mushrooms and pineapple substituted for the peppers) was also a bit hard and didn’t really get the taste buds going either.

My partner thoroughly enjoyed his pasta dish though – spaghetti busiara, which came with anchovies, prawns, garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce.

Kay Taylor

Star rating: 8/10