Fun fair leaves field in a muddy mess

The mess left behind by Silcock's Amusements on West Paddock, Leyland
The mess left behind by Silcock's Amusements on West Paddock, Leyland
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A fun fair operator is set to return to Leyland to repair the mess his equipment left in a muddy field.

John Silcock, of Silcock’s Amusements, says he tried to leave minimum damage at West Paddock after downpours threatened to call of the ‘Leyland Big Weekend’ from Thursday, May 29 to Sunday, June 1.

He told the Guardian: “We arrived at the site on the Tuesday and started setting up the vehicles on Wednesday, and then the monsoon struck!

“I had to cancel 50 per cent of the fair so that we only used half of the field.

“We had plans to have a much larger fair there.

“We put the heavy equipment where the ground was hardest, near the road, but the layout wasn’t ideal really.

“We persevered though and luckily the weather was good by the weekend.”

He added: “If you leave damage, you have to pay to put the site right, so sometimes it’s better to lose money by just cancelling the event - we don’t get many customers anyway if it’s muddy.

“We ended up leaving Leyland earlier than planned on the Sunday because we wanted to get off the site before it rained again. We wanted to make sure there was minimum damage.

“When the weather’s right, we’ll just have to roll over some of the tyre marks.

“Ninety per cent of the field is ok, and on the whole, trade was good.”

Mr Silcock had been bringing his fair to West Paddock for 30 years before he had a break and set up on Worden Park instead for a couple of times.

“The council had plans to build more offices on the West Paddock fields, so they told me to go to Worden Park instead,” he said. “We tried it on two occasions but it didn’t work for us. It wasn’t very well attended at the park.

“When the council’s plans fell through, they said we could come back to West Paddock.

“I think we missed one because of the weather, but we’ve been back for about three years now, and we’re also going to be at the Leyland Festival on Worden Park.

“We should be busy then because a lot of people attend the festival, but when it was a one-off event at the park, not many people turned up.”

Councillor for the Lowerhouse ward, Fred Heyworth, said: “They have to make good the mess they’ve made.

“They do leave it in a mess sometimes, and the weather doesn’t help.

“The field is used quite regularly and is popular with dog walkers, but I haven’t had any complaints about the mess.”