Gas fears as family evacuated after leak

Worry: Natalie Jones with her children Brooklyn and Leon
Worry: Natalie Jones with her children Brooklyn and Leon
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A LEYLAND mum and her two children fled their home amid fears her boiler was leaking gas.

Natalie Jones, 21, was forced to call eningeers to her home on Farington Avenue three times in a week after smelling gas.

Natalie, who is a New Progress Housing tenant, said: “I called out the National Grid on Tuesday because I could smell gas.

“New Progress Housing came out and did something to the boiler and said it was fixed.

“We must have become used to the smell because when a friend came round she said she could still smell gas. They came back out and said it was still fixed.”

Natalie, who lives at the house with her partner Martin, was next awoken at 1.30am on Sunday morning by a worried neighbour who said gas was still leaking from her home.

She said: “I was petrified. I didn’t know anything about what was going on until my neighbour told me.

“The thought that my children’s lives were at risk like that just makes me sick.

“We had to wait outside until our house was made safe and my children have ended up with a cold and a chest infection.”

Officialss from New Progress have since been to repair the boiler.

Bernie Keenan, managing director of New Progress Housing Association: “We apologise for any inconvenience or distress caused to Miss Jones because of this matter.

“Our gas engineers have attended Miss Jones’s home on two separate occasions in the last week following reports of gas leaks.

“On each occasion the National Grid had turned off the gas, which is a normal procedure should a gas leak be suspected.

“Both times our engineers tested for gas leaks. No gas was detected on either visit but a gas valve was replaced as a precaution.

“Every year we carry out free gas safety checks at all of our properties to make sure that all gas appliances provided by us are working safely.

“The safety of our tenants is our top priority and, if they can smell gas, we urge them to phone the National Grid on 0800 111 999 and then to report it to us.”