‘Giggle gaggle will solve problem’

Problem targeted: Moss Lane underpass, Leyland
Problem targeted: Moss Lane underpass, Leyland
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Residents complaining about motorbikes causing a danger on public footpaths could soon see an end to their worries.

People living in Moss Lane in Leyland have raised the issue of mini motorbikes and cyclists using the underpass which leads to Wigan Road as a cut-through.

Now, Lancashire County Council has pledged to install a ‘giggle-gaggle’, zig-zag gate to encourage riders to stop using the underpass altogether - or at least dismount.

Resident Jimmy Maher, 78, from Moss Lane, said: “Motorbikes and scooters are the worst, and it’s been an issue for a long time now.

“I live right next to the underpass entrance, and I’ve nearly hit riders with my car as I reverse out of my drive on a number of occasions, because they just come out of nowhere.

“They use it as a short-cut instead of using the roads properly, but it’s a real problem for pedestrians.

“It’s very dangerous.”

Mr Maher, who has lived in Moss Lane for 23 years, said the problem has become worse in recent months.

“I know we can’t ask the council to close the underpass,” he said. “And we shouldn’t have to, so I’m glad something is finally being done to stop accidents from happening.”

County councillor Mike France said: “Giggle gaggles have been designed for both ends of the underpass to help manage inappropriate use by motorbikes without making access difficult for genuine users with pushchairs, bags, and cycles.

“These will be erected in the next two to three months.”