Ginnel is a ‘danger to the public’

Residents are complaining about the state of the ginnel in Leadale Green, Leyland
Residents are complaining about the state of the ginnel in Leadale Green, Leyland
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Neighbours are kicking up a fuss about the state of footpaths in their street – after children have been throwing chunks of concrete into their gardens.

Progress Housing tenant Colm Carton said: “We’ve complained about the condition of the ginnel at Leadale Green in Leyland on various occasions in the last four years.

“The pavement surface is broken up, tree roots are exposed, rubbish is strewn and dog excrement is also on the path.

“In the past I was told there was no money in the budget for repairs, can this be right if there is a danger to the public?

“Currently the tarmac surface is broken up, caused to some extent by poor maintenance and the weather, but also due to children breaking up the surface.

“It’s now come to the point that we’re finding lumps of tarmac in our garden; I’ve seen children throwing it.”

He added: “I have lived in this area all of my life and it has always seemed that the lower end of Leadale Green is neglected as it does not connect through to a highly visible area such as Broadfield Drive.

“Recently Leadale Road had its footpaths upgraded, but Leadale Green was passed by even though our pavements are not in a good condition.”

He has written to Progress Housing Group and Lancashire County Council with his concerns.

After being contacted by the Guardian, Lynn Hurrell, operations director for property service at Progress Housing Group, responded: “We are working with Lancashire County Council to determine ownership of this land, and hope to have an answer soon.

“In the meantime we have swept up any debris to make the area safe.

“We carry out regular walkabouts across all of our estates where tenants are invited to join our estate managers to identify environmental issues that can cause particular concerns for local people.”