Glass case could host other vintage vehicles

An artist's impression of what the fire engine gateway feature will look like if given planning consent
An artist's impression of what the fire engine gateway feature will look like if given planning consent
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A large glass case designed to hold the next special ‘Made in Leyland’ gateway feature could host a variety of other heritage vehicles in the future, it has been announced.

Plans have now been formally submitted for a glass box to be constructed and placed in the grounds of the Leyland Hotel on Leyland Way, near the entrance to the M6.

South Ribble Council, which has drawn up the proposals, revealed the idea is for other commercial vehicles to be displayed in the case in future.

The planning document states: “This proposal suggests the creation of a new Leyland Gateway which will initially house a unique 1938 Leyland fire engine, believed to be only one of its kind in existence.

“The gateway feature has doors which offers the flexibility to park different vehicles in it so that it would be possible to change vehicles round in future to renew interest. However for the foreseeable future, it will house the fire engine.”

The planning application also suggests that hotel guests would enjoy being photographed in front of the fire engine from the hotel’s side, particularly wedding parties.

The design includes a ‘Made in Leyland’ sign to continue the theme from the existing Centurion Tank gateway feature, on the roundabout of Flensburg Way and Penwortham Way.

An information board would also be constructed to give visitors an insight into the history of the vehicle, and that would also be interchangeable, like the vehicles.

The feature is set to be illuminated by low energy LED lights, which would ‘gently light the front and side of the glass case’.

The plans add: “The vehicle would be protected and it is not expected to require maintenance. However an arrangement has been made with the British Commercial Vehicle Museum to keep the fire engine in good condition.

“Their experts would work with the council and the hotel to jointly ensure the gateway feature and its contents are well kept and show the town and hotel in a positive light.”

The council’s planning committee will make a decision on whether to approve the plans in the coming weeks.

No letters of representation have been submitted from residents at this stage.