Glassed mum left ‘scarred for life’

The Barristers pub on Towngate in Leyland where Zara Allen was glassed by two girls
The Barristers pub on Towngate in Leyland where Zara Allen was glassed by two girls

A young mum has been left scarred for life after she was glassed in an unprovoked attack in a Leyland pub.

Zara Allen, 19, received 12 stitches at Royal Preston Hospital after she was assaulted by two women in Barrister’s in Towngate.

Miss Allen, a dental nurse from Leyland who has an eight-month-old baby boy, said she was dancing with friends when she was attacked at around 1am on Saturday.

The glass cut her left cheek, above her eyebrow, her back, neck, shoulder and arm.

She said: “I’ve had 12 stitches under anaesthetic and butterfly ones in my face. The cuts in my back are deep wounds. The doctor said the ones on my back, neck and arm are going to scar.

“I can’t even pick my little baby up because I can’t move my back and I’m having to stay at my mum’s because I can’t look after him on my own. I don’t even want to see my boyfriend because of the scars.”

Det Sgt Ian Derbyshire said the victim had suffered “serious injuries”. He said: “It was an unprovoked attack.

“Two women were arrested and have been released on bail pending further enquiries.”

Miss Allen said she raised concerns with the pub’s security team earlier in the evening, but felt they had not acted quickly enough.

She said: “Some girls were pushing into us all night. “

Miss Allen said a doorman spoke to the women, who then confronted her.

She said: “One of them punched me and a glass has gone straight in my face. Then they started laying into me. They said they were sorry, but sorry doesn’t cut it because they are not left with permanent scars.”

The Evening Post contacted Barrister’s and spoke to a man who identified himself only as Mr Miller.

He said he felt sorry for Miss Allen but said his doormen and staff had “reacted immediately” to the incident.

He added that Barrister’s had one of the best safety records and was assisting the police with their investigation.

He said: “We can’t help an unprovoked act of violence when somebody glasses somebody. It’s awful. A person who glasses somebody will never ever walk in my premises again. The doormen apologised because of what happened. All my doormen and my head doorman will be saddened that somebody has got hurt on our premises.”