Go-ahead for temporary tip in Farington

The site of the new pop-up tip on Centurion Way
The site of the new pop-up tip on Centurion Way

Plans to open a pop-up tip in Leyland have now been approved, while the main household waste recycling centre is closed.

The origianl site in Flensurg Way is currently closed for major improvements and is scheduled to reopen in January 2013.

A new temporary site will soon be available at Lancashire Business Park, off Centurion Way, once a licence has been granted by the Environment Agency.

County Councillor Albert Atkinson, deputy leader of Lancashire County Council with responsibility for waste, said: “I’m very pleased we’re able to provide this temporary facility to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle while we redevelop the permanent site.

“This temporary HWRC will be open between 8am and 5pm and will accept the same types of waste as all our other recycling centres, with the exception of asbestos or any type of oil.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure people aren’t inconvenienced by their usual site being closed.”

Jo Turton, Executive Director of Environment, gave the go-ahead for the temporary site, following an earlier decision by the Development Control Committee.

The temporary recycling centre has been given planning permission until December 31.

County Councillor Atkinson added: “We’re conscious of the need to make sure this temporary facility does not affect the success of the business park, which is one of our prime employment sites being home to 50 local businesses employing over 1,250 people.

“We are asking people not to use the private road through the business park to get to the temporary recycling centre, but to use Centurion Way instead.

“The Farington HWRC which is currently closed is one of the busiest in the county which is why we’ve decided to provide this temporary site in exceptional circumstances to continue to meet the great need for recycling in this area.”

The improvements now being made at the Farington HWRC, which accepts over 15,000 tonnes of waste every year, will transform it into a split-level site so that people will no longer have to climb up steps to put items in the skips.

Service wagons will also be isolated from the public area, which means the site will no longer have to close the recycling centre when the skips are picked up and avoid traffic queues forming on Flensburg Way.

The opening date for the temporary site will be announced shortly.