Going to school saves your life

Life-savers: Pupils at Moss Side Primary School
Life-savers: Pupils at Moss Side Primary School
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Some kids grow up wanting to be doctors and nurses but these Leyland primary school pupils could literally save your life.

Bosses at Moss Side Primary School have just invested in a defibrilator machine which not only could be used in school but also for people living in the community.

Headteacher Janice Burdin said: “Leverhouse Primary School set the ball rolling with this type of thing after one of their children’s hearts stopped but the staff managed to keep her alive until the paramedics arrived.

“They decided to get a defibrilator so we thought it was so important as well.

“We held a Christmas concert and normally raise money for a charity but instead we tried to get as much money for a defibrilator.

“Members of staff all had two sessions on January 16-17 and then we wanted to get some of our year six children were invited to take part.

“Most of the time an adult will be in the school to give the CPR and use the defibrilator but the reason for letting them do it is because when they are out in a shopping centre or venue they may just have to use one.

“It could be the difference between life and death.

“All of our pupils are taught about basic CPR so this is just adding to their knowledge.”

Officials at the school say that they are hoping that it will be an asset for the community.

Ms Burdin added: “We have been really amazed by the support of the local community.

“It will be able to be used by anyone in the community if there was an emergency during the school opening hours.

“We care about our community and this could give a person a chance until the ambulance arrives.”