Golf club saved

Upbeat: Frank McMahon at Leyland Golf Club
Upbeat: Frank McMahon at Leyland Golf Club
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Officials at Leyland Golf Club say they have been saved by some new sporting packages they developed in November.

The Wigan Road club were concerned when 80 members resigned in 2011 saying that they were moving from the area or not playing enough rounds to warrant the subscriptions.

In a bid to safeguard their future, treasurer Danny Winstone and chairman Norman Graham have tried to attract new members.

One of the initiatives was new packages including silver (40 rounds at £680), bronze (20 rounds at £440) which represented a reduction in the cost of premium membership at £824.

The scheme has seen 100 new members sign up.

Norman Graham said: “We are delighted by the response to the packages offered and the fact we have been able to recruit so many members this year.

“In addition, I believe we have kept many members in 2012 due to the offer of silver and bronze schemes.

“This was always a two-fold strategy and we are delighted it has paid off.”

One key development has been that 40 per cent of new members have come from neighbouring clubs whilst 15 per cent are returning.

Marketing and Membership Chairman Don Johnson said: “At the start of the year we had 130 members electing to take silver and bronze packages and one could suppose that many of these would have rather left than pay £840 and not be able to get the full value.

“The days of expecting people to pay up without looking at value for money have gone and we need to adapt. We only recruited 50 new members last year so we are very pleased with this year - and it is only May.”

The club have now drawn up two more initiatives: a partnership with Leyland Hotel means people can ‘Stay and Play’ and save money.

Deputy Marketing Chairman Frank McMahon said: “This is a wonderful initiative and we are grateful to the Leyland Hotel and Anneka Thomas for putting it together.

With so many visitors expected to the area in July for the Open at Lytham and the Ladies Open at Royal Liverpool, this is a great opportunity fro people to come and play at Leyland.”

There are also corporate packages on offer so contact 01772 436457 for more information..