Government action over leaseholds ‘scandal’

TheDeadman's property in Leyland - leasehold scandal
TheDeadman's property in Leyland - leasehold scandal
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A move to outlaw hugely-controversial leaseholds on new homes has been outlined.

A proposed Government crackdown, subject to consultation, could see an end to what has been slammed as ‘unfair charges’for buyers of new-build houses. However, any new ban would not help those already caught up in the ‘scandal’.

That would include Tracy and Gareth Deadman, who were faced with a huge bill they never expected. The couple, who had moved into a Taylor Wimpey property on Assembly Avenue, Leyland, were featured in the Guardian in May. They say they were told the leasehold was £295 per annum and that they could buy it back in two years for about £4,000. But the leasehold was sold on and they were quoted £13,500, plus £1,000 legal fees to buy it back.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has said saying: “Enough is enough. These practices are unjust, unnecessary and need to stop.”

The proposals, which are subject to an eight-week consultation, apply only to England.

The government said the trend of new leasehold houses was a particular problem in the North West. Leasehold means you have a lease to use the home for a number of years, for as long as 999 years.

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