Grant allows church to make needed repairs

St Mary's RC Church, Leyland
St Mary's RC Church, Leyland

A churchyard has undergone a much-needed restoration with help from a Local Members’ Grant.

Wear and tear had taken its toll on the St Mary’s RC Parish Churchyard.

In particular, the memoria needed repair work, and the committee felt it would take more than £1,000 to complete all the restorations.

However funding proved to be a problem.

But after contacting County Councillor Michael Green, the Leyland South West councillor had no hesitation and approved a grant totalling £939.99.

He said: “The application came in and ahead of the centenary year the link is there and it was an important link.

“It’s a link to the past and the future and it will help the community going forward.”

Some of the work has already started on the yard.

It is hoped the work will be completed in time before the First World War centenary celebrations in August.

Coun Green feels Local Members’ Grants are important and encourages people to apply if they need help.

He added: “The grant budget used to be £3,000 per councillor but now it’s £2,000.

“I want to help people in my area. I look at all projects in the Leyland South West area and consider all of them.

“I’d like to help everyone but with the reduced amount it isn’t always possible, although I’ve helped many people in the area before and I want to continue doing that.”

Father Jonathan Cotton, St Mary’s parish priest, said: “We have an excellent team looking after our cemetery and we are proud of the care that is taken to make it as beautiful as possible. Our parishioners support us as well.

“Now we have been given a grant of £1,000 we are hoping to use it well to make the cemetery even more fitting or our reminder of the love we have for our relatives and friends who have died and gone before us.”