Guardian appeal has finally reunited sweethearts - after 50 years apart

The appeal we ran in the Leyland Guardian in the summer
The appeal we ran in the Leyland Guardian in the summer

A Guardian appeal to help a love-struck Frenchman find his long-lost Leyland sweetheart has resulted in him finally finding her.

Romantic Andre Rault sent a letter to the newspaper in July, requesting publication of his plea to find his soulmate, June Elliott.

He met June, from Derby Street, Leyland, when they were both working in London in 1961, and they ‘soon fell in love’.

The pair were inseparable in their younger days until National Service meant Andre was sent travelling the world with the French Navy.

Andre and June exchanged hundreds of letters and the pair had planned to marry upon Andre’s return from military service.

But unforeseen circumstances which saw Andre spend longer at sea than expected prevented this, and after June moved to Australia, they lost touch.

And now, after more than 4,600 people read Andre’s heartfelt letter on the Leyland Guardian website, and more than 15,600 people saw the story on the Guardian’s Facebook page, we are delighted to reveal that his 18-month search finally came to a happy end.

In a recent letter to the paper, he wrote: “First I must thank you for the part you have taken in my search for a person who played a most significant part in
my life.

“The article you published contributed a lot to the success of my search.

“Actually, one of the persons who told me about your article was the very person I was looking for.”

With 1,000 kilometres between them and after 50 years apart, June has also contacted the paper to inform us that indeed, Andre finally found her.