Have your say on what is built on green fields

Fields on Euxton Lane, Chorley, marked for commercial development
Fields on Euxton Lane, Chorley, marked for commercial development
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Residents are being encouraged to give their opinions on the future of fields in Chorley.

Land off Euxton Lane, known locally as Strawberry Fields, has been designated for commercial development by Chorley Council.

It was in its local development framework, which is a blueprint of potential sites for residential and business use.

That was despite objections from people living nearby, who argued green fields should be kept as an area of separation between Buckshaw Village and Chorley.

Now, Euxton Lane Developments Ltd wants to know how people would like the land to be used.

It is partly used for animal grazing, but large warehouses, industrial units, office buildings or a mix of all three could be built there.

The firm has a website and is delivering 4,500 consultation brochures in the area.

Ken Whitaker, from Euxton Lane Developments Ltd, said: “Whilst this land has been earmarked for solely commercial development, before we prepare any plans we want to know what people in the area think and that’s why we’ve set up the website.

“We’re also keen to work in partnership with Chorley Council to help meet their aspirations for the site and will continue discussions with them over the coming months.

“Whatever the plan ends up looking like, we will give everyone in the area the opportunity to take part in a further round of consultation which we expect to have ready before the end of the year.”

Coun Mark Perks, whose Astley and Buckshaw ward includes part of the site, has spoken to residents about the consultation.

He said: “I have explained to residents that they can’t stop it being developed now because it’s in the local development framework, but clearly there is a lot ofconcern.

“They don’t want the large warehousing and 24-hour operation depots. Euxton Lane is already, in their opinion and my opinion, too busy.

“Something like offices would be a better land use than a big warehouse.”

He added: “It really is important that residents do get their views heard on this issue.”

To find out more, go to www.euxtonlane.co.uk by the end of August.