‘Having a stroke changed my life’

Jenny Hollowood-Smith in her Personal Touch Wedding Shop on Preston Road, Farington
Jenny Hollowood-Smith in her Personal Touch Wedding Shop on Preston Road, Farington
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They say that having a baby is a life-changing experience...

And that certainly rings true with one Leyland businesswoman.

On August 1 last year, Jenny Hollowood-Smith was delighted after the birth of her son Corey Jenson.

However a week later she was in hospital after having a mini-stroke. But now things are looking up again for the 29-year-old.

She said: “It was terrifying as I lost vision in my right eye and had a tingling feeling down my arms and legs.

“This was a scary time for me and my family and extremely upsetting to think I may have been left disabled or even worse not be around to see my son grow up.

“Some people say that there is a risk of clots when you have a baby.

“I was taken to hospital and then I went for an MRI scan which all came back positive and there were no signs of lasting damage.

“For a long time I had wanted to move from my aerospace background into the wedding industry.

“After this scare I took the approach that I needed to concentrate on making the most of things in life and have no regrets.

“So when BAE Systems offered voluntary redundancy I believed this was my opportunity to break out and do something I would love.

“The redundancy money alone would not support my venture so I pulled together a business plan and went to the bank for support.

“Having been told that banks were not lending I decided to still go ahead and try to obtain funding.

“Luckily the bank said yes to my business plan and said that it seemed a sound investment.”

The Bridal Boutique shop ,on Preston Road in Farrington, opened at the weekend.

And Jenny is really excited about her new venture.

She said: “To begin with it was my intention to just go into wedding planning, however after much discussion with my husband I decided it would be good to open a Bridal Boutique which offers wedding planning services to brides.

“I then decided I wanted to offer more to brides and create an online wedding store.

“This store offers bridal underwear, bridal accessories, wedding gifts and favors, place card holders and invitations.

“In these tough times of recession I thought it would be a good idea to team up with other local small business with the aim of supporting these firms.

“ At the moment I have agreed to host four different wedding related business’ products on my website.

“In turn this will widen my scope and will promote me as a one stop shop for brides.”

The shop’s website is at www.personaltouch-bridal.co.uk

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