Health workers protest over pay

NHS staff protest against the pay offer
NHS staff protest against the pay offer

Health workers from hospitals in Central Lancashire held a protest over the Government’s “peanuts” pay offer.

Dozens of workers gathered outside the Royal Preston

Hospital and Chorley and South Ribble Hospital for two hours yesterday.

The move came after it was announced that NHS workers will receive a one per cent pay rise.

Workers outside both the hospitals held up placards and posters with phrases including “peanuts pay, we are not monkeys.”

Around 20 people took part in Preston and 25 in Chorley.

Tim Ellis, regional officer for Unison, said he was pleased with the rally and the response from the public. He said: “It was very successful, it was at short notice.

“It was because of the government’s pay offer, its measly pay offer to health workers.

“It’s a one per cent rise but for most it’s really zero per cent.”

Mr Ellis said they union decided to hold the rally on budget day to bring attention to the issue.

The announcement on pay was made earlier this week and will see some NHS staff get a one per cent pay rise, but those in a different scheme will not get the salary boost.

Mr Ellis said the rally was much aimed at getting the government to reconsider and expected there to be further action.

Mr Ellis said: “We are going to consult with the 3,500 Unison members in the health trust to see if they want to accept or reject and what action they wish to take.”