Keeping fit is child’s play for workers

Little People at the Limes during a gym workout
Little People at the Limes during a gym workout
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Could this be the fittest nursery in Longridge?

Staff at Little People at the Limes haven been granted funding for Sportivate, an eight-week fitness programme to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The team of 15 have been attending sessions at Longridge Community Gym, taking part in yoga, dance, zumba, football, netball, running and self defence.

They also enjoyed a free make-up and nail workshop event with Bethany Turver, from Baie 16, in Longridge.

Marika Stanley, deputy manager, said: “Mark Stephenson, one of the parents, works at Lancashire Sport and he nominated us.

“Not many of us go to the gym, but we have really enjoyed doing this. We have a personal trainer to show us how to use the gym equipment and we have been doing self defence.

“I think it is a really good idea to get people motivated to keep fit. It shows us all how much exercise we really need to do. It is an eight week programme but I think most people will continue afterwards.”

Angie Harrison, who is leading Sportivate at Longridge Community Gym, said: “The project’s aim is to introduce some fun and appropriate activities and to help kick-start an active lifestyle. By attending the whole eight weeks we hope that the participants will form a habit that will enable them to enjoy activities for life.”