Heather a very useful addition to top team

New team member: Heather Aspin
New team member: Heather Aspin

Solicitor Direct have added a new member to their team – Heather Aspin.

Heather is passionate about houses and eager to find the perfect home for anyone of our clients.

With a degree in estate agency under her belt, she is well placed to ensure your home is legally and correctly advertised.

We are also very pleased to have helped many clients over the last 12 months showing how we can advertise, sell and find you a buyer, plus then immediately start working on the legal process in-house and for a massive saving.

The feedback we are getting is great and people are really starting to see how much easier and cheaper using a solicitor is.

We know, live and breath Lancashire and can really offer a great quality service for a much better price.

We can do this because unlike other estate agents we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Service and must ensure that clients money and interest are put first.

No other agent in Leyland is regulated to the same degree.

On average we save our clients at least £450 and its much easier.

We are very personal and approachable as we believe that people are the foundations of any good service.

We are very proud of our staff who pride themselves in providing a great service with a smile.