Help needed to ground Pearl’s flight of fancy...

Stephen Foster is looking for pet parrot, Pearl
Stephen Foster is looking for pet parrot, Pearl
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A beloved pet parrot has been spotted in various locations around Leyland after escaping from her home in the town.

Pearl used to sit on her perch and look out of the window of her Leyland home.

But last week, the beloved pet took flight and escaped, and has since been spotted in various locations around the town – much to the frustration of her owners.

Stephen and Karen Foster, of Bent Lane, were given the blue and white Parrotlet, which stands at around four inches tall, as a 30th wedding anniversary present from their two children – hence the name Pearl.

Stephen, 56, said: “We got Pearl and another bird, Paddy, about three years ago for our anniversary, but Paddy died after an illness.

“They were both really special to us and my wife is really missing Pearl now.

“We’re normally so careful when we let her fly around the house, but we’re having some building work done and the door was left open, so we couldn’t stop her.

“She stands on her perch looking out of the window, so she obviously took her chance and she was straight out.

“It happened last Monday and we spent about four hours looking for her that night, and that’s when I first heard her call.”

The couple have put up flyers and told the Neighbourhood Watch about the missing parrot, and have had reports of her flying around woodland areas in Leyland.

“I first saw her in a tree near to where we live,” Stephen said. “She flew off again and I thought it was a hopeless case, but then I saw her again a few streets away.

“The next day my wife saw her, and neighbours have called to say they’ve spotted her as well.

“That’s half the battle, finding her, but then we need to try and catch her.

“I suppose all we can do next time is take her cage along and leave it there, and hope she goes back in like she does at home.”

He added: “We’ve had birds before and it’s so upsetting when they die, but at least that’s easier to accept.

“This is harder because we know she’s out there, but we don’t know if we’ll ever get her back. It’s like a double-edged sword knowing she’s still out there.”

If you see Pearl, give Stephen a call on 07811 717228.