Here is why Hayley Kay is obsessed with A Daughter's Choice by 93-year-old Margaret Ford

Hayley Kay shares her new favourite book
Hayley Kay shares her new favourite book

Hayley Kay finally finds a little me-time and can't put a certain book down.

I can’t be the only person who thinks there are not enough hours in the day?

I love my busy life, but my To Do list never appears to get shorter and I’m perpetually chasing my tail.

I think it’s because, I don’t have a ‘job’ as such.

I’m freelance, so I’m not actually employed by anyone.

Being self-employed works pretty well for me, I used work unsociable hours, sometimes going weeks without a day off, it also meant I could take impromptu holidays when I was quiet for a week or two to chill out and recharge my batteries.

These days, I have a family of my own and that means more juggling my life around than ever.

Thankfully my other half has a steady job in education, so he works regular hours and has a regular income but, it’s pretty much the opposite for me. My work is often on an ‘as and when’ basis, so it’s really hard to say no when I get offered a job; then there’s the added complication of having a three year old, which means extra childcare and relying on our parents for babysitting.

I wouldn’t change any of it though, as I’m grateful to have a career I adore and a family of my own.

Recently though, I’ve managed to find a bit of ‘me time’ and I love it.

It started last month when I got to interview a fascinating lady; Margaret Ford was my guest on BBC Radio Lancashire and she was invited on to discuss releasing her debut novel A Daughter’s Choice at 93 years old.

She was just incredible and really interesting, growing up in Blackburn, she left school at 13 and later the same year, war broke out. She’s lived an extraordinary life and one day decided that she wanted to publish a set of love letters that she had.

The letters had been sent to her from her late husband, James, who’d been a serving soldier.

She’d had the 630 letters tucked away for years and one day had been watching an interview on TV, when the guest mentioned they’d had help from a ghost writer which prompted Margaret to find her own.

Thankfully, she found a great one and once they’d started chatting, it was decided that this would be two books, the first being Margaret’s life story, including her life with James (they were married for 66 years) then the 630 love letters will be published at a later date.

After our interview Margaret gave me a copy of her book and I couldn’t wait to read it, except it sat there unread for weeks.

I just couldn’t find the time, until one night I decided after putting Freddie to bed, instead of coming downstairs and tackling the kitchen or switching the laptop on, I’d run a bubble bath and take the book with me.

As I guessed, it’s a great read and I should have it finished in around two baths’ time.